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Choosing Health Insurance can be confusing

Comparing health insurance companies and policies is confusing at the best of times. Need help breaking it all down into a simple to understand, side-by-side comparison? That’s where we come in! How They Compare helps you to see side by side what is covered, what isn’t and how much it is going to cost per week. To begin comparing simply click ‘Compare’ in the link at the top of this page or scroll to the top and select from Ambulance, Ancillary, Hospital or 457 Visa cover comparison.

Full Comparison

At How They Compare we do all the work for you, showing you a full comparison between companies to ensure you get the best deal that is best suited to you.

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Let us do the shopping around for you to make sure you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Who measures up?

Compare price, features and customer ratings all at the click of a button. See which company measures up best.

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We don’t charge anything for our service but our main aim is to ensure you get the most value with the least cost.